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We offer comprehensive training and workshops for decision makers, beginners and professionals for Kubernetes, Cloud, CI and infrastructure.

  • Our trainings are proven in practice. We train what we use ourselves in our company.
  • Your requirements and the solution of your challenges have the highest priority with us.
  • We are also happy to create tailor-made training courses and workshops based on your requirements.

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The kubernetes expedition was highly exciting and practical. A very quick overview of Kubernetes as technology and its possibilities. Many thanks for that.
Stephan Sachweh

CEO, Pallas GmbH

Our training offer

Hands-On Kubernetes Workshop

A perfect intoduction in the kubernetes-universe

Learn with us how and why Kubernetes has taken the Cloud landscape by storm. Together we explore the cloud landscape – from container orchestration and microservices to continuous integration and deployment. We’ll show you the pros & cons and best practices in using Kubernetes to help you to get started.

In the second part, you’ll see how it’s put into practice. Learn with us how easy it can be to install a Kubernetes cluster on bare metakl or in the cloud. Using a simple example, you will learn how to deploy a Web application in Kubernetes. The Kubernetes package manager helmet makes it easy to install complex applications. We will show you how to structure microservice applications using GitLab. We will also give you an overview of how GitLab CI/CD can be used to automatically roll out applications in a Kubernetes cluster.





  1. Get to know application containers and microservice architectures with their advantages and challenges
  2. Understand the background that led to the creation and functioning of Kubernetes
  3. Experience the increase in productivity that Kubernetes brings, especially in combination with GitLabs CI/CD processes
  4. Create a Kubernetes cluster in the teutoStack public cloud
  5. Structure an example application
  6. Setting up an application by helmet
  7. Structure the sample application as microservices
  8. Deploy the Microservices from the GitLab (CI/ CD)
Target group
  • Developer
  • Administrators
  • DevOps
  • Software- and IT-Infrastructure-Architects
Participation requirements
  • First experiences with Docker and kubernetes
  • You know how to use a UNIX shell
  • Git is familiar to you
  • Laptop for practical application of the training contents

After this training you will have a well-founded know-how about the mentioned contents and will be able to manage, orchestrate and provide application containers. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of participation.


Our trainers are certified by Cloud Native Computing Foundation as Certified Cubernet Administrator.


09.30 – 17.00 o`clock


Early Bird – 350,00€ + VAT / person
Regulär     – 500,00€ + VAT. / person

Early Bird tickets are available until 2 weeks before the date.

All prices include hot and cold drinks as well as Pizza.


BielefeldJanuary 28, 2019 November 14, 2019, September 12, 2019, May 28, 2019, April 11, 2019 ,

Date and price for inhouse-training on request


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Kubernetes & GitLab

Continuous Integration Training

Do you develop or administer applications and also deal with build and deployment processes? Are you looking for new ways to simplify or automate these processes? Then this compact training: CI with Kubernetes and GitLab is exactly the right for you.

In this training you will learn how to deploy an application on Kubernetes via GitLab. We will show you how the Continous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) features of GitLab can help you. You will learn how to roll out, update and roll back finished applications via GitLab CI/CD to Kubernetes. In addition, GitLab supports you to manage and automate your test and production environments.



Get to know the benefits of using Kubernetes and GitLab together with practical examples. To do this, you first roll out an application on Kubernetes manually in order to experience the direct comparison to Continuous Integration yourself. Using an example application, you will learn the individual steps required to roll out an application fully automatically via GitLab.


  1. Build a pipeline for continuous integration in GitLab
  2. Configure the deployment of GitLab to Kubernetes
  3. Use a private docker registry for your containers
  4. Utilize the GitLab-CI to build your containers
  5. Automate the delivery process for container images
  6. Create automated tests for your application
  7. Manage different environments (e.g. development, testing, production)
  8. Roll back your application
  • Entwickler
  • Administratoren
  • DevOps
  • Software- und IT-Infrastruktur-Architekten
  • Erste Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Docker und Kubernetes
  • Sie finden sich in einer UNIX Shell zurecht
  • Git ist Ihnen nicht fremd
  • Ein Laptop zur praktischen Anwendung der Schulungsinhalte

Nach diesem Training haben Sie ein fundiertes Know-How über die genannten Inhalte und sind in der Lage, Applikations-Container zu verwalten, zu orchestrieren und bereitzustellen. Am Ende der Schulung erhalten Sie ein Teilnahmezertifikat.


Unsere Trainer sind von Cloud Native Computing Foundation zertifiziert als Certified Kubernetes Administrator.


09.30 – 17.00 Uhr


Early Bird – 350,00€ zzgl. Mwst. / Person
Regulär     – 500,00€ zzgl. Mwst. / Person

Early Bird Tickets sind bis 2 Wochen vor Termin verfügbar.

Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive Getränken (wie Kaffee, Wasser und Club Mate) sowie Pizza


BielefeldJanuary 30, 2020, 14. November 2019, 12.September 2019,  28.Mai 2019, 11.April 2019,

KölnFebruary 4, 2020, 21. November 201904. Juni. 2019

Termine und Preise für Inhouse-Schulungen auf Anfrage


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Workshops for DevOPs & Administrators

Installation and operation

Our tailor-made workshops for DevOPs and administrators usually take place in-house in your company directly by our Cloud Engineers.

The desired goals of the workshop will be agreed with you in advance. This allows us to respond individually to your requirements.

Hands-On OpenStack Workshop

Do it yourself

One of our most popular in-house workshops is our multi-day OpenStack Hands-On workshop, where one of our cloud engineers installs an OpenStack cloud together with your employees on your own hardware.

The installation introduces your employees to the setup and operation of OpenStack. The final day offers the opportunity to respond to company-specific configurations and wishes.

Training for decision makers and users

Your perfect introduction to the OpenStack world

The training “OpenStack – A practical introduction for users” is aimed at users and decision makers in companies and serves to get to know OpenStack from a user perspective.

The training is held in a small group of max. 6 persons. During the one-day training, the participants are taught the basic idea of “Cloud Computing”.

In addition to actual use cases, the origins, pros and cons as well as the most frequently used components of OpenStack are explained. In the training, participants learn how to use OpenStack by creating a cloud based web application on their own.

Finally, we will give first insights into further topics such as orchestration, autoscaling and deployment with different technologies.

Additional Workshops

  • OpenStack installation with Ceph as block storage
  • Configurationsmanagement & deployment with Ansible
  • Kubernetes Security Workshop