Data Science Platform

Our Data Science Platform is the optimal end-to-end solution for your data science department, based on open source and cloud native technologies: high-performance and powerful.
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Make the right use of data

Consolidate, visualize and evaluate.


Today, data plays a crucial role everywhere and every day. In order to benefit from it, it must be collected, stored and evaluated. We make use of a variety of powerful open source and cloud native technologies to meet your requirements to the highest degree.

Data Science Practice

Data analyses provide valuable insights for production, logistics, research and science. The aim of data science projects is to capture patterns and regularities in data and to develop models that allow predictions and can be used as basis for decisions.

Data Science Platform

With our technical setup you can perform data analysis in real time. By using open source solutions in Kubernetes, our platform is easily scalable, high-performant and powerful. You have the possibility to quickly gain insights from your data and can make important decisions data-driven.

Pro Data Science Platform

  • Central storage of all data
  • Effective and high-performance analysis of large amounts of data
  • Real-time insights  – data-driven descisions
  • Increasing performance and competitiveness of your company

Data Science Challenges

  • The provision, storage and loading of data are crucial for the implementation and success of data science projects.
  • Data pipelines are an appropriate choice as the demands for performance, regularity, and reliability of data delivery grow.

Data Pipeline for your data

Data pipelines enable us to provide you with a reliable and consistent database. The data pipeline can include several steps based on your needs:

  • Extraction of data from different sources
  • Data validation and quality control
  • Data transformation
  • Storage of the data in the target system

Case Study Data Science Platform: Windenergie bei WindCores

Making wind farms more efficient and profitable through intelligently used weather and turbine data.

More and more companies in the renewable energy sector rely on Data Science Platforms, including WindCores

We support WindCores in collecting, consolidating and providing data, so that WindCores employees can evaluate the data in real time.

the collected data enables WindCores to predict how turbines can be used most efficiently in the future in order to optimally exploit the potential of their wind turbines.


The 5 most important components of our Data Science Platform:

  1. We use Kubernetes for scalability.
  2. The timeseries database Prometheus is used to store the data.
  3. We use jupyter notebooks for static analysis.
  4. For the visualization of the actual data we utilize grafana
  5. The microservice data science platform is secured by Keycloak.

All used technologies have in common that they are based on open source. This has the advantage that we can adapt our Data Science Platform to specific customer requirements at any time.

Performance curve from jupyter notebook

Wind rose from grafana

Exemplary architecture of our Data Science Platform

Performant and scalable.