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What is OpenShift?

OpenShift is a range of containerisation software products developed by Red Hat. The main product is the OpenShift Container Platform – a local docker container service platform organized and managed by Kubernetes based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
The other products provide this platform through different environments: Origin Community Distribution (OKD) serves as the community-driven upstream, OpenShift Online is the platform offered as Software as a Service, and OpenShift Dedicated is the platform offered as Managed Service.

7 good reasons to choose the container platform OpenShift

  1. OpenShift enables applications to be made available flexibly and quickly, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.
  2. OpenShift provides a web-based GUI and API that allows developers to log in easily from anywhere on the platform.
  3. OpenShift includes features such as CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery), backup or security features.
  4. OpenShift helps you to develop applications agilely and quickly and to deploy and manage them automatically.
  5. OpenShift provides code automation that makes it easy for developers to import new code.
  6. Openshift comes with its own container registry, which can be used directly by the developer.
  7. OpenShift can run on physical, virtual and on a variety of cloud infrastructures, of course also on the cloud.
All these functionalities are interlinked in the OpenShift platform and work hand in hand.

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Our services

Start| Update | Hosting – We accompany you in every phase

Managed OpenShift

  • We accompany you from the planning of your project up to the daily operation.
  • We operate your OpenShift in your company (bare metal) or directly in the cloud.
  • We take care of the support and keep your OpenShift operational in every situation.

Update from OpenShift 3 to 4

We take care of the update of your Openshift 3 to 4.
With the following new features:

  • New tool “odo” for developers relevant oc commands.
    Workspaces to simplify the development of applications running on OpenShift.
  • Operators for the control and monitoring of the individual components.

OpenShift Hosting

  • We have the right solution for your individual hosting requirements.
  • We support your systems and platforms 24/7.
  • You can concentrate on your core business.

Kubernetes or OpenShift?

Cook yourself or prefer the restaurant? | Glamping or All Inklusive? |


If you can answer yes to 2 of these questions, you should think about Kubernetes.

  • Would you like to remain flexible in the choice of infrastructure?
  • Are you looking for a future-proof and vendor-neutral solution?
  • Do you want to optimize the performance of your development teams?
  • Are you planning to automate your deployment processes?
  • Would you like to choose tools and open source projects you use yourself?

Kubernetes contains everything you need for container creation and orchestration. It gives you the flexibility to add features such as CI/CD, security, backups and storage with individual open source projects.

If 2 of these requirements are set for you, then you should consider OpenShift.

  • Do you need ready-made CI/CD pipelines integrated into the development process?
  • Would you like a solution that provides “out of the box”  uniform environments and that guarantees that applications always function consistently in the operating and test environments?
  • Is it important for you that configurations and secrets are managed directly within the platform?

With OpenShift you get all functionalities in one complete package. You can directly use the provided containers for your applications.