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OpenStack – teutoStack Public Cloud

Our public cloud is based on OpenStack and our customers benefit from the advantages of a common infrastructure. This allows an immediate start and the costs are lower than with a private cloud solution.

The Public Cloud provides our customers with virtual resources that are automatically provided and allocated to multiple customers via a self-service interface. With our dashboard and API interface, you can easily and securely manage the configuration of your own cloud.

The convenient dashboard provides all the capabilities you need to manage your volumes, instances and networks. In addition, the dashboard allows you to view statistics on utilization and consumption.

7 good reasons for using the teutoStack Public Cloud

1. Billing by consumption

The maximum usable resources are regulated by call quotas. Within these quotas, you can provision resources such as instances, volumes, or object storage. Only the provisioned resource generates costs for you. If you terminate the resource, it will not be charged. This allows you to meet your requirements flexibly and does not pay for unused on-call quota. Our offers and prices can be found in the  teutoStack price table.

2. Quick start

After we have received your order, you will receive your personal access data as soon as possible by post. This allows you to log in to the administrator dashboard and start provisioning resources. We have compiled useful information about our public cloud in our teutostack knowledge database for you.

3. Free trial

Test the teutoStack OpenStack Public Cloud for 30 days without any obligation and convince yourself of our services. With our  QuickStart-Guide, you can start right away and achieve your first successes in just a few minutes. Do you have any further questions? Then simply get in touch with us!  Start now.

4. Complete flexibility

You can also increase instances or increase performance during operation. You can also upload your own images. A glance image and snapshots are images of instances (templates) that can be used to instantiate other instances.

5. Powerful service

We maintain your cloud infrastructure in every situation. This also includes helping you to use it. With us you can expect personal contact and solid contact persons.

6. Attractive discount model

If your instances reach a running time threshold, we grant discounts of up to 30% on the subsequent running times. You can read about this in detail and with a calculation example in our teutoStack Leistungsverzeichnis 

Our flavors & prices for teutoStack

Micro Instances

Micro instances are suitable for tasks that require very little CPU power. Typically, these instances are suitable for management systems such as JUMP hosts. Micro Instanzen

Standard Instances

Standard instances are intended for tasks with high CPU requirements Standard Instanzen

Highmem Instances

Highmem (a lot of working memory) instances are suitable for tasks with particularly high memory requirements and moderate CPU usage. Highmem Instanzen


3,89€ / per month*

  • vCores: 0,005
  • RAM: 1 GiB
  • Local Disc: 2 GiB


7,78€ / per month*

  • vCores: 0,1
  • RAM: 2 GiB
  • Local Disc: 4 GiB


15,61€ / per month*

  • vCores: 0,2
  • RAM: 4 GiB
  • Local Disc: 8 GiB


31,88€ / Monat*

  • vCores: 0,4
  • RAM: 8 GiB
  • Local Disc: 16 GiB


70,15€ / per month*

  • vCores: 0,8
  • RAM: 16 GiB
  • Local Disc: 32 GiB


27,22€ / per month*

  • vCores: 1
  • RAM: 3 GiB
  • Local Disc: 16 GiB


54,49€ / per month*

  • vCores: 2
  • RAM: 6 GiB
  • Local Disc: 36 GiB


108,98€ / per month*

  • vCores: 4
  • RAM: 12 GiB
  • Local Disc: 68 GiB


217,95€ / per month*

  • vCores: 8
  • RAM: 24 GiB
  • Local Disc: 140 GiB


435,84€ / Monat*

  • vCores: 16
  • RAM: 48 GiB
  • Local Disc: 250 GiB


544,81€ / per month*

  • vCores: 20
  • RAM: 60 GiB
  • Local Disc: 330 GiB


67,79€ / per month*

  • vCores: 2
  • RAM: 12 GiB
  • Local Disc: 50 GiB


135,58€ / per month*

  • vCores: 4
  • RAM: 24 GiB
  • Local Disc: 100 GiB


271,15€ / per month*

  • vCores: 8
  • RAM: 48 GiB
  • Local Disc: 200 GiB


542,30€ / Monat*

  • vCores: 16
  • RAM: 96 GiB
  • Local Disc: 400 GiB
* The indicated prices take into account our term discounts. If an instance runs for a whole month without interruption, our discount model applies already taken into account in the above mentioned prices. Details of our discount model can be found in our service specifications.

Looking for an inexpensive & reliable cloud infrastructure to run your Kubernetes cluster?

Then Kubernetes on the teutoStack Public Cloud is the perfect combination for you.

The teutoStack OpenStack Public Cloud is ideally suited to enable you to operate one or more kubernetes clusters. A useful and high-performance configuration of a Kubernet cluster consists of 3 ETCD/ master nodes and 3 worker nodes.

The ETCD nodes manage the high-availability key value database ETCD, which Kubernetes uses to store all cluster-relevant data.

Master nodes are responsible for controlling the cluster, whereas worker nodes take over the actual workload of the cluster and should therefore be more pronounced.

Your Kubernetes Cluster on teutoStack – cost-effective and powerful

1) Getting Started Cluster

The following sample configuration describes an executable Kubernet cluster on OpenStack. As the name suggests, this configuration is an ideal solution to get started with Kubernetes.


1x ETCD/Master

1x Worker




Unit price (per month)

1 x 54,49 €*²

1 x 27,22 €*²

81,71 €*³

2) Getting Productive Cluster

We recommend the following configuration for the productive use of Kubernetes. Since two master nodes are necessary to ensure the stability and high availability of your cluster.


3x ETCD/Master

3x Worker




Unit price (per month)

3 x 54,49 €*²

3 x 54,49 €*²

326,94 €*³

*² The prices are the cluster costs per month,  Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für Geschäftskunden der Firma teuto.net  and Nutzungsbedingungen “teutoStack Cloud-Dienste” für Geschäftskunden will apply, they can be retrieved on http://www.teuto.net .
*³ These are sample configurations. We are happy to help you with the configuration of an infrastructure for your needs.