Bare-Metal Kubernetes

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5 reasons for Bare-Metal Kubernetes

Performant. Flexible. Efficient. Scalable. Secure.


1. Maximale Performance

Since using Kubernetes on bare metal does not require resources for hardware virtualization, these are fully available for computing your applications. In addition, particularly compute-intensive processes can be executed, for example, on GPUs.

2. The best of both worlds

Use Kubernetes on bare metal to take advantage of container applications without the overhead of virtualization. This offers you optimal utilization of system resources and at the same time flexibility through Kubernetes.

3. Security

The use of Kubernetes on bare metal is especially recommended if sensitive data requires its own isolated servers. The integration of legacy systems on own dedicated servers is also possible.

4. Managed Service

On an operational level, the utilization of Kubernetes on bare metal is a demanding process, which we provide with sophisticated monitoring. In the case of updates, a precise procedure is necessary to ensure the stability of the cluster. We gladly provide you with the necessary services.

5. Hard Facts

We can provide you with Kubernetes on bare metal in our data centers or on premise in your own data center. The hardware is monitored 24/7 and you receive dedicated support contacts.

Structure of a  Bare-Metal Kubernetes Cluster

Performant and secure.