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The declarative model of Kubernetes is trend-setting and container orchestration has completely arrived in practice. Set sail with us. We know our way around.
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Kubernetes – we manage your kubernetes

Our services

  • Project support from planning to daily operation
  • Operating in your company (on bare metal) or directly in the cloud
  • Comprehensive monitoring components
  • Consulting & operation of Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD) with GitLab

Day 2 Operations

We take care of the support and keep your clusters operational in every situation. In consultation with your company, we develop a security strategy in order to be able to restore your secured data in case of exceptional surcumstances. With, your company always has a reliable partner at its side.


Structure of the Kubernetes solution

Service Discovery

Service discovery is a powerful way to dynamically link services together. The integration of applications into a service discovery infrastructure is often very complicated.

For this reason Kubernetes relies on the Domain Name System (DNS). With this technology you can access your services (databases, APIs, etc.) within namespaces as well as across namespaces.

Service discovery relies on CoreDNS, a well-established procedure which provides a corresponding service discovery based on etcd.

Persistent Volumes

Persistent volumes allow you to store important data and to continue using it after the container has been closed. By connecting Kubernetes and openStack you can use openStack storage transparently from Kubernetes. The transparent integration of cinder persistent volumes is already preconfigured on our platform. You benefit from our diffenrent storage classes such as HDD, SSD and NVMe.

Network Isolation

The different Kubernetes services can be separated from each other. This can be done on the namespace level (e.g., production, QA, development, etc.) and finely granular per service or even per pod. The isolation allows you to achieve a high level of security. We have already integrated the open source Kubernetes extension from “Project Calico” for you.

Ingress Loadbalancer

The ingress load balancer extension enables transparent routing of multiple microservices via a central domain and also offers the option to secure the services with a “Let’s Encrypt” certificate. Individual URLs (“subdirectories”) of a Kubernetes web application can be mapped to specific services.

Kubernetes from A-Z

We have created for you a knowledge base with terms, technologies and tools around the Cloud, Container & Kubernetes universe.



Aa a member of the Cloud Native Foundation and as a  „Kubernetes Certified Service Provider“ we have qualified employees with the Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification.

Our expertise

We advise you on all issues relating microservices, containers and Kubernetes.


Through the integration of Kubernetes in teutoStack, every customer receives an isolated environment.

Ready for immediate use

Get started immediately with a pre-installed Kubernetes cluster in our teutoStack public cloud.


Benefit quickly and easily from the new developments at Kubernetes.