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IT and Sustainability

IT and Sustainability - must not be a contradiction. Sustainability is not just a marketing word for us but true conviction   On August 15th we were part of the Summertalk of Greenpeace Energy in Hamburg with our lecture "IT and sustainability must not be a...

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Install Windows GitLab Runner

GitLab Runner for Windows Headless Or how windows und kubernetes became "best friends" with the help of GitLab Runner Today, Florian (Cloud Consultant at teuto.net), tells us in a tutorial about his experiences of bundling windows applications in docker containers....

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Kubernetes and I

Kubernetes and I What I have learnt about KubernetesI have been working for teuto.net since the end of last year. teuto.net is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is certified as a „Kubernetes Certified Service Provider“. Everyone is talking about...

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Review DevOps Gathering

The DevOps Gathering took place in Bochum on March 11th - 13th, 2019 and teuto.net was there. Discussing topics like automation, containers, IoT, Kubernetes, Microservices, Serverless, Security and...It was really a successful event with many interesting encounters...

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